Selected raw ingredients exclusively from Greece

Our Fantastic Restaurants

The culinary presentations of Celestyal Cruises have the “aroma” of quality, inspiration, and the Mediterranean

"Kali Orexi!" A Celestyal Cruise is a journey deep into Greek cuisine, which is famed for its health benefits and its simplicity. We prepare our dishes onboard with fresh, seasonal, local ingredients: onions and garlic, artichokes, tomatoes, eggplant, feta cheese and, of course, olives and olive oil, sweet and golden. Our chefs have spent years in Greek kitchens, and they love Greek food, everything from Yia Yia’s (grandmother’s) from-scratch recipes to gourmet dishes; our menus include dishes from the incredible spectrum of Greek gastronomy. At every meal, even at our endless breakfast buffet, you’ll find fresh Greek yogurt, a variety of freshly-baked breads and fresh coffee. You’ll also find outstanding dishes from many of the world’s best-loved cuisines, and incredible wines. Wine has been produced and enjoyed in Greece for more than 4,000 years, and our wine cellars are a delicious celebration of this rich history. Come lose yourself in a labyrinth of unforgettable tastes.

The Celestyal Cruises Culinary Philosophy

You don’t just enjoy a meal on our ships, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner: you participate in the time-honored Greek tradition of sitting down for a feast with friends. We create every dish fresh and with the finest fresh local and imported ingredients; we are zealous about freshness. It’s a badge of honor for our chefs.

Food tells a story. We take this seriously, here in the part of the world where its most ancient stories were first told. What stories will the incredible meals we serve on our ships tell you? You’ll have to listen closely to the bold spices, to the honey-gold olive oil, to the fresh fruit and vegetables, to the creamy yogurts, to the bread that arrives at your table straight from our ovens…what memories will they awaken? When you dine with us, you taste other cultures, both familiar and new. You find community with other peoples. You create memories. This is why we prepare every morsel on board our ships with respect, with quality ingredients, with pride and imagination.

The Freshest Ingredients

We use the finest, freshest, most authentic ingredients in our kitchens, and we make no exceptions. Prior to each cruise we purchase quality meats, dairy products, and fruits and vegetables, all products we have sampled ourselves. At Celestyal Cruises we do the research before we start cooking. The freshness and quality of our ingredients makes every dish we serve a taste sensation. That taste, of course, is Greece.

Authenticity. Quality. “Greekness.”

We use Greek olive oil, Greek Feta and other cheeses and Greek yogurt, and most of our herbs, and our flour, are from Greece. We do this both to provide our passengers with the freshest, most authentic, healthiest ingredients possible, and to honor our homeland and its culture and customs. Whatever we bring to your table is authentic.

Dishes and Desserts of the Day

Our Greek executive chef, Yiannis Korologos, believes there’s nothing better than hot, fragrant bread brought to your table straight from the ovenours is made without chemical or flavor additives or artificial colors. You’ll have a hard time not filling yourself with the variety of bread before your meal arrives! We bake three times daily on our ships, making sure our six signature breads and our 10 signature pastries, including danish pastries and muffins, are always fresh. Their aroma will lure you to breakfast like the song of the Sirens. You will be unable to resist.

Chef Korologos and his team are devoted to serving you the tastiest, most authentic freshly made food. He and his staff consider you their guests, and they work round the clock during your cruise to make sure your dining experience is nothing short of incredible, that everything you eat – be it sweet or savory, be it an appetizer, a main course, even our dressings, our soups, our pâtés and our terrines – is fresh and delicious. Dessert? You won’t be able to resist. Save some room. 

You’ll also find outstanding Greek dishes and incredible wines

Your cruise rate includes three complete and wholly delicious square meals every day. Breakfast is American or Continental, with a Greek touch, and includes fresh-baked rolls, muffins and Danish pastries. At lunch and dinner, choose from dozens of appetizers, salads and soups, and delicious Greek dishes, all prepared fresh for your delight, followed by a variety of decadent cakes, rich ice creams and fresh fruits. Our meals are filling and celebratory. We want to take you on a journey deep into the heart of Greek gastronomy, with healthy Mediterranean meals cooked to please even the most demanding palate, with friends at your table. We’ve also got great pizza for our little travelers, and for anyone who loves a crisp, handmade, oven-baked pizza, which we can deliver to your cabin (room service charges apply). We serve afternoon tea every day on all of our ships (with the exception of those ships departing from Limassol, Cyprus).


All inclusive drink packages

If you want to enjoy one or more glasses of outstanding wine,premium whiskey, juice or ice-cold lager, then we recommend our “All Inclusive Drinks Package,”

Cabin Facilities

The destinations of your cruise although the highlight of your vacation, the cruise experience itself will always be, comfortable, and relaxing and restful, with experienced personnel at your disposal 24/7 offering first class service. The same applies to your cabin. Your personal space to lounge and relax.

Amusement program

Every day, on the cruise ships of Celestyal Cruises is a new day, full of adventure, games, non-stop inventive entertainment for all ages and talents! Children are creatively and educationally occupied and adults have the opportunity to feel like youngsters again! Through a lot of games, music and dancing, handicraft and cooking, exercise and shows. On all the cruises of Celestyal Cruises you always have something interesting to do, to learn, to share. For those who never stop exploring and also for those who wish to do something different or to use their time creatively. Our Amusement Programs will energetically captivate you.


-Both in the 3 and 4 day cruises all meals are open seating.

-Smoking is strictly prohibited in the dining room.

Dining Areas

All of our dining areas have been carefully designed and arranged to accommodate the simultaneous arrival of a great many passengers while preserving the intimacy and comfort one expects at a fine restaurant. We do everything we can to make sure you can relax while you enjoy the delicious gastronomy that makes a Celestyal Cruise unforgettable.

We organize breakfast, lunch and dinner onboard based on each ship’s daily program; service in open areas may depend on weather conditions. All meals are served in your ship’s Main Dining Room, with a choice of a table d'hôte (set menu) or a buffet, or in the enclosed dining hall on the pool deck for casual meals. You will also find buffets near the pool serving pizzas, burgers, hot dogs, Greek specialties and fresh pasta dishes, among other satisfying menu items.

Opening Hours & Reservations

Lunch and dinner service varies depending on the day’s itinerary; we also time our meals to accommodate those passengers who are on one of our Shore Excursions or who have signed up for one later in the day. The Daily Program, which is delivered to your cabin each evening, includes the dining room schedule for the following day. Depending on the schedule, you can select when and where you enjoy each meal. Reservations are not required for breakfast and lunch or dinner, which are open seating, as is our open deck buffet (weather permitting).

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