Choose between the “Alcoholic Drinks Package” and “Non-alcoholic Drinks Package”

All-inclusive drinks packages for maximum fun

Suitable for both adults and children, the “Drinks Unlimited” packages of Celestyal Cruises are to your advantage on every trip

In our “Drinks Unlimited” package you will find listed below many call brands and cruise choice drinks that you can enjoy in all the bars, lounges and restaurants on board.

Alcoholic Packages – Beverages Included

  • Whisky
  • Vodka
  • Gin
  • Rum
  • Tequila
  • Brandy
  • All the call brands and cruise choice brands can be served with your choice of mixer (cola, lemonade, juices, etc.)
  • Soft-drinks served by the glass - cola, light cola, lemonade, orangeade, all mixers and fruit juices
  • Regular tea & coffee as per bar menu
  • Draught beer & cruise choice beers (by tin)
  • All non-alcoholic cocktails
  • Selection of alcoholic cocktails depicted on the bar list for free
  • Port wine, sherry, aperitifs and liqueurs.
  • Red, rose & white house wine by the glass including sparkling wine
  • Bottle of wine or champagne purchased will include a discount on listed price (cruise choice not included)
  • Large bottle of mineral water will include a discount on listed price
  • Small bottle of water is included.

Non-Alcoholic Packages - Beverages Included

  • Non-alcoholic package in the drinks unlimited package will be entitled to soft drinks by the glass (cola, light cola and lemonade), and fruit juice.
  • Package also includes all regular coffees and non-alcoholic cocktails.
  • Small bottle of water is included.


Welcome to a playground of taste and refreshment. Our Non-Alcoholic Drinks Package is extremely popular with adults and children alike: the non-alcoholic cocktails, juices and soft drinks never run out! This is the perfect package if you’re traveling with children or if you are a lover of alcohol-free beverages. You can drink as much as you want from the time our bars open until 2:00 AM

Cabin Facilities

The destinations of your cruise although the highlight of your vacation, the cruise experience itself will always be, comfortable, and relaxing and restful, with experienced personnel at your disposal 24/7 offering first class service. The same applies to your cabin. Your personal space to lounge and relax.

Amusement program

Every day, on the cruise ships of Celestyal Cruises is a new day, full of adventure, games, non-stop inventive entertainment for all ages and talents! Children are creatively and educationally occupied and adults have the opportunity to feel like youngsters again! Through a lot of games, music and dancing, handicraft and cooking, exercise and shows. On all the cruises of Celestyal Cruises you always have something interesting to do, to learn, to share. For those who never stop exploring and also for those who wish to do something different or to use their time creatively. Our Amusement Programs will energetically captivate you.

  • The drinks unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic package, is solely for personal use only, all occupants of the cabin must sign up for this offer. All drinks are served in a glass not in a bottle or can.
  • Abuse of this offer will result in your card being withdrawn and the account being disabled. Refunds will not be given.
    • Drinks Unlimited Packages are available from the opening hours of the bars until 02:00 am from the time you board the ship on embarkation day, till you disembark. In the unlikely event, you would order a drink outside these hours; all relevant charges will be placed to your onboard account.
    • Please note that refunds for any other reason can only be given on the day of purchase.
    • Once you have purchased the package, your boarding card will be marked with a special sign and your onboard account will be charged accordingly. When ordering drinks at the bars, please present your card. For the duration of your cruise you will be required to sign an invoice for all drinks consumed. Guests may only order one drink per card at a time.
    • In addition to all the above you may upgrade your drinks to premium brands for a minimal supplement charge as per all-inclusive price denoted with * on the Bar Menu each from the following selection.
    • Deluxe brands, liquors, premium brands, Cognac *** and VSOP, including sparkling, premium bottled and canned beers, cider, canned and bottled soft drinks, All other drinks & wine will be charged at regular price unless otherwise indicated.
    • Alcoholic drinks shall only be served to guests over 18 years of age.
    • Should you wish to offer a drink to a fellow passenger your bill will be charged at full price as listed on the bar menu.
    • Room Service and drinks from the Mini Bars are excluded from the All Inclusive Package and are charged as listed.                                        
    • Drink as much as you want!

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